We make complicated IT solutions simple.

We specialize in providing expert IT Infrastructure services with the promise of reliability and resourcefulness to provide practical, cost-effective solutions to clients in the following areas

Ashren Technology


Website Development

Responsive websites, branding and digital marketing web design – we create your customers’ first impressions of your brand.

Network Solutions

We utilise a life-cycle approach that includes assessment, planning, design, implementation, and management.


Managed IT Services

Offering cost-effective IT Services, Technetz can deliver a service that will suit your organisation’s needs

VOIP Set-Up & Configuration

Phone systems hosted in the cloud for flexibility, agility, and powerful call-management features.

Manage All Your Daily Tasks
Through A Single App

“My day is usually quite hectic. Before I used Taskraft I had to juggle all my various tasks in my mind throughout the day. Taskraft helped me get more organized, and now I simply get more done.”

Our clients

About us

We support virtually all of the most popular types of desktops and laptops. From firewalls to desktops and even managing your other vendors! Some of the more popular desktop items we support are Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix and many others.

Our mission

Meet with you and offer personalised consultations at your workplace so that you can demonstrate exactly how you wish your business to operate

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